Hey, I'm Dan

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I’m a Creative specializing in Web, Graphic, and Brand Design with experience in directing, engineering, and producing visual content for diverse clients and audiences. I’m always in search of new collaborative creative and performance opportunities.

About Me

Design & Branding

Since 2001, I have worked as a Graphic Designer, both as a freelancer or as a full-time employee.

I have done brand and design work for a variety of clients, spanning the range from multinational corporations to local freelance musicians.

My most recent project has been a visual brand redesign for the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival in Fernandina Beach, FL, as well as designing the marketing collateral for their 2024 concert season. It has been a joy to partner with an organization that brings world famous musicians to northeast Florida on an annual basis. As a musician myself, the opportunity to not only work with the Festival as a contractor but additionally to work with the orgnization as a volunteer and meet the many of the artists and their production teams has been once in a lifetime.

Our primary goal in refreshing this brand was to create a new logo that was applicable across a variety of channels. To accomplish this I worked closely with their Board of Directors and specifically their Marketing Committee to create a responsive logo that could be used in every conceivable use case, from the full size stacked logo all the way down to the icon itself. You can check out more details from this project, as well as many others, over in my Portfolio.

audio & music

I’ve played in bands since sometime in 1998 at clubs and bars all around the Houston area as a guitarist and singer. I have acted as arranger, audio engineer, and songwriter at various times.

One of the benefits of regularly traveling back to Houston is that I can continue to work with Late Knight Reviver. Locally, I am proud to be the lead guitarist for Stone Sircle, and look forward to our first performance together in mid February!

Late Knight Reviver logo. A black circle with a yellow man in the moon on the left, musical notes coming from his mouth with the text Late Knight Reviver above them in yellow.

Late Knight Reviver is a band that could only exist in Texas, mixing Power Pop energy with Texas Country attitude. The group came together in 2021, and our first performance as a full band happened on September 10th, 2022.

As lead guitarist, LKR let’s me focus on my guitar playing and arranging in a group with a solid, straightforward focus and great musicianship. They don’t even seem to mind when I let my progressive influences peek out from time to time.


In the fall of 2015, after years of experiencing podcasts only as a consumer, I decided to start one. I’ve always loved the idea of podcasts and the communities that form around them as an ongoing conversation between show and listeners.

While I am not currently involved in any ongoing shows, I am actively working on developing ideas and hoping to have something in production in the near future.

Ghost Stories Podcast logo. A dark blue square with the letters dgs in the middle. The g is slowly disintegrating into small squares above, like smoke.

Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast (or DGS for short) came about out of a series of conversations in a Slack for an old Destiny clan that I played with. A handful of us decided to spend hours pouring over the old Grimoire, only available online and not in game, then would have hours-long conversations trying to figure out how it all pieced together and helping our clanmates who had questions as well. 

In September of 2015, we decided to make it a podcast (the original idea was an audio drama), and we found a few people outside the clan to round out the group. The show became known, affectionately, as ‘The NPR of Destiny Podcasts’ mainly due to our relatively dry delivery and extended runtimes – sometimes exceeding 4 hours.

We were lucky enough to resonate with an audience from the very beginning, earning ourselves a Community Focus feature from Bungie, and reaching a million downloads in just over a year.


In the Spring of 2020, Nina and I decided to start a podcast. We thought it would be a great way to work together on a project and help create a sense of community out of all our isolated friends and family during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show began as a series of interviews, where Nina and I invited a guest to join the show each week, talk about what they were working on, their experience during the pandemic, and generally how they were doing.

Over time, the focus morphed more into an accounting of our own experiences navigating the ‘return to normality’ we were all presented with as workplaces and business began to reopen.


Pivot Party Podcast logo. A square divided into 3 horizontal sections. Top section includes an arrow pointing down with the word Pivot. Middle section includes an arrow pointing up and to the right with the word Party. Third section includes an arrow pointing right with the text a podcast about embracing change.