Welcome to the Pivot Party

"Do you want to start a podcast?"

Those are some fateful words that I have either spoken or heard spoken more than a few times over the last few years. To start, some background.

Depending on your level of nerd-cred, or your level of familiarity with me as a human, you have probably heard a few things about the video game Destiny. To keep the long story short, I helped co-found a podcast based on Destiny, named Ghost Stories. It spiraled completely out of control in the best possible way, and I ended up making friends, traveling, and taking part in a massive community for several years all thanks to this one simple question. Over time, schedules life situations changes, priorities shifted, and the show came to a close, but I will always look back on that time fondly.

I have missed a lot about the show since it ended, and one of those things, perhaps strangely, was the process. Prepping the episode, doing the actual recording, editing together everybody’s individual audio track, fading music in and out, and ultimately building a cohesive (some weeks more than others) show was often a 5-10 hour per week process, but I twas always something that I enjoyed.

"What do we know how to do on the Internet?"

“Well, what does any of that have to do with now?” you might ask. One of the things a lot of people have had more of since the world shut down is time. As you can probably tell, Nina and I have resolved to spend that time building up our own business ideas, putting out content, and seeing what happens. Naturally, when “Well, what do we know how to do on the Internet?” question comes up, one of my answers is “Podcast!”

After a few weeks of planning and development (and design!) we are finally ready to lift the lid on this project. The show is called Pivot Party, and it is a weekly podcast about embracing change – something that we’ve all had to do an awful lot of during 2020. We plan to host the show ourselves, and have a rotating guest on each week to share stories about change in life, whether COVID related or just in general. 

So, the first episode of the podcast launches September 9th at 10AM Central. This will be the standard release day and time for the show moving forward. We have our first few guests lined up and can’t wait to get things rolling in earnest. We are hosting the show on Podbean, and as soon as we are able we will have it listed on all the major Podcast aggregators.

In the meantime, here are a few places you can get in touch with us and keep up with the show:

Pivot Party Podcast logo. A square divided into 3 horizontal sections. Top section includes an arrow pointing down with the word Pivot. Middle section includes an arrow pointing up and to the right with the word Party. Third section includes an arrow pointing right with the text a podcast about embracing change.