a little something personal

CarrierWave Creative was launched in 2021 as a full-service creative agency that was born from the internal Creative Team at WorldVue. As a part of this project, I was able to hire a team of 8 comprised of Content Managers, Graphic Designers, a UI/UX Designer, and a Videographer/Photographer. As Creative Director for this incredibly talented group, my first task was to create a visual identity that felt at home with our parent company, but had its own unique twist.

our own identity

By the time this iteration of the CarrierWave brand was born, we already knew that the WorldVue rebrand launch dictated that we would be using Montserrat as our primary font, as the directive was for all of the WorldVue family of brands to maintain this consistent element.

Typography & Colors

Keeping consistent with the parent brand while developing something that stood on its own was a fun challenge. To accomplish this, we changed the primary color to the dark blue from the WorldVue palette, and added a unique contrast font, creating an identity that felt cohesive but unique, while also just looking great on its own.