Logo for Brazos Music - A white violin on a green circle with a dark gray border above the name.

A new brand from the ground up

Brazos Music is a non-profit organization in Houston, TX that brings music education to groups of all ages, ability levels, and socioeconomic situations. Their students include everything from participants in a multi-generational orchestra to a summer camp for high school students attempting to audition and succeed at the All-State level.

A New Identity

Our goal was to create something that was both eye catching and simple. Including a script font with big bold caps created contrast that was representative of the organization’s client base, and the iconic image of the violin makes it clear that this is a musical organization even when the name is not present, and was especially useful as an option for profile pics on socials.

Logo for Brazos Music - A white violin on a green circle with a dark gray border above the name.

Typography & Colors

Early on the decision was made to use a green as the main color, with a palette built out to support great contrast and clarity in a variety of use cases. The font pairing was intended to represent the dichotomy of music – something playful and expressive bound to something firm and rigid.

programs for all

As a brand, Brazos Music itself is often not the brand that most people experience. Just about everyone who interacts with Brazos does so through one of their programs. It was important,t hen, for these programs to have approachable, memorable branding of their own that looked great in all formats, including printed on the ubiquitous camp t-shirt. We took inspiration from vintage signage, especially national park style imagery, to give everything an approachable, friendly vibe.

Houston Orchestra For All logo. A portrait-oriented image of a red sun rising above a valley between two mountains with a waterfall in the middle. The text Houston Orchestra for All is arranged below, with a small black violin at the bottom.
TexStrings All-State Camp logo. Shaped like a vintage gas station sign, the logo contains the name at the top, with a violin in between Tex and Strings, beige on a dark blue background, with All-State Camp below in dark blue on an orange background, and an outline of the Houston downtown skyline at the bottom.
Logo for Houston Fiddle Week - a circular badge in pale green with the words Houston Fiddle Week Presented by Brazos Music around the outside. The interior contains a pale green violin in the foreground with a yellow, orange, and red rainbow in the background.