Brazos Music – Brand, Logo, and Web Design

Brazos Music

a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of all people

Logo for Brazos Music - A white violin on a green circle with a dark gray border above the name.

In 2022 I was lucky enough to be included in the realization of the Brazos Music brand. This involved logo designs for the organization and their programs as well as a full website design, which included registration pages and donation integration. I also partnered with organization leadership on messaging, the importance of brand awareness and presentation, and social media usage. I remain on contract with Brazos Music for the production of upcoming marketing materials, website updates/maintenance, and any future branding projects that may emerge.

Logo for Houston Fiddle Week - a circular badge in pale green with the words Houston Fiddle Week Presented by Brazos Music around the outside. The interior contains a pale green violin in the foreground with a yellow, orange, and red rainbow in the background.
TexStrings All-State Camp logo. Shaped like a vintage gas station sign, the logo contains the name at the top, with a violin in between Tex and Strings, beige on a dark blue background, with All-State Camp below in dark blue on an orange background, and an outline of the Houston downtown skyline at the bottom.
Houston Orchestra For All logo. A portrait-oriented image of a red sun rising above a valley between two mountains with a waterfall in the middle. The text Houston Orchestra for All is arranged below, with a small black violin at the bottom.